Our Restaurant

Kleine Möhre

In our chic and cosy restaurant Gunnar and his team prepare the delicious dishes and serve them to you right next door on our buffet. This way they always have an eye on what's missing and everything comes fresh from the kitchen onto your plate. That's All-Inclusive Premium at Averbeck.

Family table. Just for you.

Whether you want to sit at your family table in our restaurant Kleine Möhre or on our cosy outdoor terrace it is up to you, depending on your mood and the weather.
So that your little ones always know where to find you and don't have to choose a new table every day, you have an exclusive family table for the entire stay. There you can easily leave bibs, handkerchiefs and such. Arrive. Feel good.

And best of all:

You always have your little ones in sight. Some of the cosy tables border directly on the 250 sqm Landlümmels play barn and are still quiet enough. So you can enjoy a glass of wine after a delicious dinner while your little ones compete with their new friends in sliding, jumping and romping.