Drei Kinder spielen mit Eimern im Sandkasten im Hotel mit Kinderbetreuung

Childcare at Averbeck

Just let go

Even the smallest ones will soon feel at home at Landhaus Averbeck. In our hotel with childcare, you can enjoy a very special kind of family holiday together. Child and baby care is part of our All-Inclusive Premium Package.

Loving childcare from day one

Our childminders take care of your children from day one, divided into two groups - the toddler and baby care up to 3 years and the child care from 3 to 11 years - lovingly take care of your little ones seven days a week for 58 hours.

As a hotel with childcare, we can offer age-appropriate games that are fun for everyone. You can either leave your children and babies with us or let them take part in individual programme points. You are also welcome to take part yourself. Just let us know your wishes.

Kleines Kind formt Draht um einen Stein im Hotel mit Kinderbetreuung Kleiner Junge sitzt in einer Kinderschaukel und lacht Hotel mit Kinderbetreuung Gezeichnetes Schaukelpferd im Hotel mit Kinderbetreuung

Fun and games for children and babies

Outside the holiday periods, we welcome many families with pre-school children. The entertainment programme is geared accordingly.

During the holidays we have made the experience that children up to about 12 years of age like it very much with us, if they like the country life. And if siblings feel safer together, we will find a solution that makes everyone happy. You know that your children are in good hands, you can enjoy the time together or alone in a relaxed way and clear your mind - this way, holidays with children will be a fulfilling experience for all of you. You can also experience a lot with teens, but this depends on their interests.

Kleines Mädchen spielt an einem Holzblock mit ihrer Familie im Hintergrund im Hotel mit Kinderbetreuung Kleines Mädchen sitzt auf einem roten Bobby-Car im Hotel mit Kinderbetreuung
Person zeigt kleinen Mädchen, wie man einen Stock schnitzt im Hotel mit Kinderbetreuung

Childcare programme with lots of fresh air

Pony rides for children are one of the most popular activities in our programme. It is offered by our childcare staff three days a week for two hours each time. During this time, the little ones are allowed to "get back in line" as often as they like and spend lap after lap on the back of the dear four-legged friends.

Our child carers spend a lot of time outdoors in the fresh air with your children. From a walk in the woods for the whole family to building bird baths, tending to the vegetable patch and specially to developed forest programmes - to name just a few examples.

The forest programmes are among the highlights for our younger guests. Then, for example, the trees are decorated with natural handicrafts made of clay or decorative ladders are made, and much more... For lots of fun and relaxed family time in the nature.

Person schnitzt mit einem Messer einen Stock im Hotel mit Kinderbetreuung Ein Kind und ein Mann sitzen auf dem Waldboden und schauen sich Werkzeuge an nahe dem Hotel mit Kinderbetreuung

Fun and games in childcare

In addition to horse riding, there are plenty of other adventures to be had at Landhaus Averbeck as part of the childcare programme.

  • Handicraft house
  • Children's table
  • Forest time
  • Fun in the vegetable garden
  • Creative workshop
  • Treasure hunt
  • Lantern procession
Drei kleine Mädchen hocken vor einer Reihe Erdbeerpflanzen im Hotel mit Kinderbetreuung
Zwei Personen buddeln mit einer kleinen Schaufel Kartoffeln aus im Hotel mit Kinderbetreuung

Holidays in the countryside for the whole family

In our exciting children's programme the children are allowed to feed and stroke the loving animals on the farm. Here, the little ones get to know everyday life on a farm and learn a lot about the animals during their riding holiday in the Lüneburg Heath. Look forward to your next holiday together at Landhaus Averbeck. Here, the riding holidays for children and parents will be an unforgettably beautiful holiday.

Children's programme
Reitlehrerin steht mit kleinem Mädchen, das auf einem Pony sitzt auf dem Reitplatz im Hotel mit Kinderbetreuung Zwei Kinder füttern eine Ziege im Hotel mit Kinderbetreuung