Detailaufnahme eines kleinen Tisches mit einer Blume und einem kleinen Notizheft
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Blindes Huhn

What was built in 1871 as a bull barn and later used as a feed and equipment store is now the absolute heart of Averbeck with its new purpose. At last. We look forward to serving you an exquisite selection of ingenious drinks in the loungey and stylishly cozy ambience of our Blindes Huhn bar.

At any time of year.

Whether with a cool drink in your hand on a warm summer evening on the roof terrace with a view over the courtyard or on colder, cozy days in front of our large tiled stove with a crackling fire.

In the Blinden Huhn you will find a relaxing end to a wonderful day's vacation at Averbeck at any time of year. Always with your nearest and dearest.

Nahaufnahme von Brennholz Ein Cocktail in der Blindes Huhn Bar Gezeichnetes Huhn im Familienhotel in Niedersachsen
Zwei Sessel mit kleinen Tischen in der Blindes Huhn Bar

And best of all:

Soft drinks such as water and apple spritzer, our house wines and selected beers are also included in the Blindes Huhn bar. For those who want more, you will find a wonderful selection of fine, delicious drinks - selected and approved by our team, of course. All included in your hotel bill on departure.

Romping around for the little ones

While you enjoy your drink in peace and quiet in our bar, our childcare staff will keep an eye on your little ones in the Landlümmels play barn.

Relaxation for the whole family.

Zwei Kinder beim rutschen
Ein kleiner Junge schwingt an einem Seil in der Spielscheunen beim All inclusive Familienurlaub
Gemütlicher Sitzbereich auf einer Terrasse im Familienhotel in Deutschland