Sieben kleine Kinder spielen auf einer grünen Wiese unter einem Baum beim Landhaus Averbeck

Impressions of the country house Averbeck

Holiday feeling at home

Sit back and get the Averbeck feeling at home in videos, pictures and audio stories. In anticipation of your relaxed family time in the Lüneburg Heath.

Family vacation in autumn

Enjoy the vastness of the farm, look forward to happy splashing in the swimming pool, to loving childcare and romping around in the Landlümmels, to real movie classics and a cozy bar. And, of course, a high-quality family buffet four times a day.

A relaxed family experience. Whatever the weather.

Experience nature

"That moment when you come to rest and, you can enjoy the really important things in life, like family and friends.
, feels like being at home. ...".

You can look forward to a farm with animals, adventures in nature, music and campfires with baked bread – perhaps the best childhood memories.

Arrive. Feel good.

Why Averbeck? What our team likes best,
what childhood and family mean to us, and
why we enjoy working at the family hotel Landhaus Averbeck...

and you can see much more in our image film.
Have fun and - see you soon at Averbeck.

Just don't take everything so seriously and enjoy.

This is how Averbeck sounds

The place where your soul takes a holiday

Audiography about the Averbeck country house

The complete audio story about family, childhood memories, holidays on the farm, adventures farm, adventures, changes, people and a very special place in the South Heath - told in 13 chapters. (German language)

Producer: Ingo Stoll

1:38 hours.

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Impressions from Averbeck

Get inspired for your family holiday at the family hotel. Relaxed family time with all-inclusive premium in the middle of nature.

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