Your host family Averbeck-Pennington

Frauke and Ross with Jacob, Lolo, Toni, Maria and Hans-Heinrich Averbeck

We for you. - Our team.

We are a remodelled farm that specializes in family holidays. Here you will experience beautiful days with the benefits of a hotel, but the charm of a farm with history and, above all, individuality.

We enjoy to let you - whether big or small - experience your personal dream holiday through this personal and friendly atmosphere at Landhaus Averbeck.

We stand for simplicity, flexibility, unobtrusive, high-quality program and care, a fresh varied cuisine, warm, open service and of course a nice, fresh, clean ambience.

We are.

Alive | relaxed | colourful | cosy | grounded | honest | country bumpkins with passion | traditionally | exciting | different | happy | in love with detail | fond of children | close to nature

We are not.

Stuffy | boring | normal | fluffy | backwoods | arrogant | a wellness hotel | everyday | neither loud nor quiet | gaudy colourful | hectic | grey | sweet

Hosts with passion - for generations.

Warm hospitality and personal care are our priority. We are not a country hotel, but a place that wants to give away unforgettable childhood memories with the most beautiful smile - that of your children.

We look forward to welcoming you.

Sincerely yours,

The Averbeck-Pennington family
and the team of Landhaus Averbeck