Our cuddly Labrador Burschi scurries across the yard every day and is happy to whet newcomers over the fields and meadows. In consideration of our smallest guest we'd like to ask you to abide by a few rules, so that all families feel comfortable with us:

- Always keep your dogs on a leash in the yard.

- For hygienic reasons dogs are not allowed in the restaurant.

- Please, walk your dogs over fields and in forest not far from the yard, and don't forget to clear their droppings.

- Do not allow your four-legged friends on beds and furniture, as this may end in extra cleaning costs.

- We'll charge 20.00 Euro per night per dog, no matter what size and without food.

Basically, we are an animal-loving family hotel and your dogs are part of your family like any other family member, of course. But please take these rules to heart, so that we have a peaceful coexistence between humans and animals on our farm to make sure the stay is relaxing for all. The main focus is on the children and they should be able to move freely with us. Please also keep in mind, that small children may be afraid of dogs.