• Ein Einblick in das Landlümmels Restaurant
  • Gemütliche Sitzecke mit kleinen Beistelltischen im Landlümmels Restaurant
  • Lounge Bistro
  • Fleisch wird auf einem Brett zerteilt, daneben Ofenkartoffeln und Zitronen im Restaurant Landlümmel
  • Frühstück
  • Frische Wraps im Landlümmels Restaurant
  • Gegrilltes Lachsfilet mit Salat aus dem Landlümmel Restaurant im Familienhotel Averbeck
  • Frische Bohnen in einem silbernen Sieb im Restaurant des Familienhotel Lüneburger Heide
  • Aufgeschnittener und gerösteter Kürbis auf einem weißen Teller mit Gabel
  • Nahaufnahme von Bandnudeln mit Salbei und Parmesan in einem weißen Teller

Simply. Delicious.


Those who do not feel like cooking themselves while on holiday and do not want to decide where to eat again every day are off the hook at our house – because everything is inclusive for your stay! The day naturally starts at our house with a good, extensive breakfast. At the breakfast buffet you can select what and as much as you want, entirely according to your taste, so that the choice does not become an agony.

At lunchtime you can expect delicious dishes such as homemade stew or fresh young herring and much more.

In our bistro you will be served a particularly delicious, varied buffet in the evening. And the kids can go out and play around while you leisurely – and without a bad conscience – “savour” a freshly tapped Veltins beer or our select house wines in the bistro or on our outdoor terrace.

Well, it is not far to the bed … 

In between or in the afternoon?

There are fresh cakes and many other tasty treats. In our main building and in the restaurant, you get drinks and delicious coffee specialties around the clock and as much as you like.

The only question remaining is, in which cozy place of the hotel you'd like to take your piece of cake and the delicious latte macchiato the most?

You need a packed lunch in between?

Just let us know, we'll prepare something tasty for you.

Special favor

You need a special favor? No problem!

Whether vegetarian or vegan, celiac disease, lactose or fructose intolerance, ... We are preparing for you, so you can feast as deliciously as any other guest.

Just let us know and we will create tasty dishes according to your preferences and needs for you. So, that your holiday on the farm also becomes a culinary experience and you can feel right at home.