Horse riding

Everybody can do horse riding - if she/he wants ...

We also offer riding holidays, with everything that is needed for a perfect stay: appropriate riding lessons for your age and experience level as well as with or without FN riding badges for big and small horse lovers.

Riding holidays for children or adult beginners, that want to try horse riding: the little ones can take part in guided lunge riding several times a week. And those adults, who prefer a very cautious first contact with the horse's back are as welcome as the kids here.

Your kids can ride ponies with our childminders three days a week for 2 hours each. During this time, the little ones may ride as often as they like.

Hippolini riding club

Two to three children aged four to six years playfully learn how to care for the ponies three hours a week and also make their first horse riding experiences.

75.00 Euro per child

Riding Badge RA No. 10-8

Five days horse riding course with theory and practice lessons including exam for children from 6 years onwards

150.00 Euro per child.
20.00 Euro examination fee

Parents Riding Tour

Five days horse riding course in and outside the riding arena and terrain for beginners and advanced.

150.00 Euro per person

On demand:

Accommodation for your own horse 20.00 Euro per box and day

Riding lessons

Individual lesson from 4 years onwards, 35.00 Euro

Lunge lessons, 35.00 Euro per hours

Group lessons two to three people (riding arena or terrain), 30.00 Euro per person

Minikids riding lesson for children up to three years (30 minutes), 25.00 Euro per child


Subject to change.

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